Stingray Research | DO NOT DELETE
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What’s our point?

Simply this. To make a significant impact upon a corporation’s bottom line. We do this by conducting thoughtful and intelligently designed research that points towards where the value lies and how it can be maximised.

See us from other points of view

  • The CEO
    The CEO
    “Stingray has been our main research partner for a number of years. Their research has consistently made us think hard about our business and how we can increase our revenues and profitability. Their reports are robust, often challenging rewarding.”
  • The Director of Research
    The Director of Research
    “The team at Stingray don’t just understand our business, they actively help us to shape the research objectives and deliverables so we get research that works hard for us and is properly aligned to our corporate goals.”
  • The Entrepreneur
    The Entrepreneur
    “The research Stingray gave us provided a clear sense of direction; narrowing down a number of possible options to three areas where we could create new and valuable products and services. We haven’t looked back.”
  • The Investor
    The Investor
    “We have been delighted with the work that Stingray has done on a key investment of ours. The research helped to clarify our understanding of what people really needed from the products and services offered. As a result we now have a clear plan of NPD opportunities that will take this company forward profitably.”
  • The Commercial Director
    The Commercial Director
    “One of the deliverables from their research was a market simulator that allowed us to plug in data and play with different scenarios. It’s helped us to understand what levels of market share we might expect to achieve at different price points.”
  • The Marketing Director
    The Marketing Director
    “Stingray helps us in marketing to execute on our marketing strategy. They help us to prioritise our initiatives and identify issues that need addressing. we value our partnership with them highly.”